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-----    MATCH BYLAWS    ------


  1. All match competitors on Club waters will be required to show their Club membership and Environmental Agency licence prior to drawing their peg number.
  1. It shall be the Club’s policy to fish all-in with all fish counting except pike and trout. 
  1. Matches will be pegged down and all competitors will draw a peg number. If a competitor requires a short walk then this should be made known to the Match Secretary prior to the draw commencing. No competitor shall move more than one yard from their peg. 
  1. All matches will start and finish at the time stated on the Fixture List (unless altered by the Match Secretary before the start of the match) and will be signalled by a blast on a whistle. 
  1. As many rods as required may be assembled at any one time but only one may be in use at any one time. 
  1. No competitor shall groundbait or break water prior to the starting signal. The only exceptions to this shall be the placing of keep nets, mixing groundbait, casting a method feeder to clip up and plumbing the depth. 
  1. It is permissible for a competitor to receive assistance with a net but the helper must not touch the line or rod. 
  1. The Match Secretary shall be responsible for weighing-in on all matches and shall appoint assistants for the day to assist him in this task. They shall be vested the same powers as the Match Secretary with only the Match Secretary overriding them. 
  1. All complaints must be made to the Match Secretary, or a person deputed by him, at the time of the weigh-in. 
  1. On Club waters any carp over 8lbs, tench over 5lb or bream over 5lbs must be weighed in and returned to the water immediately. This is done by calling for the scales, the nominated scales person for that section will then bring the scales to the fish and carry out the weigh-in. The scales will then stay with that competitor who now becomes the scales person. At the end of the match the scales should be returned to the original scales person in order that they can perform the weigh-in for that section. 
  1. On Club waters where carp are present two keep nets will be required, one for carp and one for silver fish. Any carp under 1lb can be placed in the silver fish net but the maximum weight in any net shall not be more than 60lbs. Any weight over 60 lbs will only count as 60lbs. 
  1. On commercial fisheries their rules on weight limits will obviously apply and these will be stated at the draw.
  2. The Match Secretary shall have the complete and final right to decide any matter arising on any competition including any matter not specified in these By-laws. 
  1. All organised Club events being open to all Club members shall count for points in the Club’s Points Championship with the exception of challenge matches only. 
  1. Separate rules will apply to the organised Carp Matches and these will be detailed prior to the match commencing. 
  1. Specimen fish trophies etc shall be open to all classes of membership.
  2. The largest elastic you can use is No.20 which must pass through your top 1 or top 2 kit. 
  1. The heaviest line you can use is 10lbs. 
  1. No floating baits whatsoever. 
  1. No animal food baits whatsoever. 
  1. No carp over 8lb to be put in a keepnet, if you do the whole net will be disqualified. 
  1. Maximum hook size is size 10.

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Wednesday 24 July 2024 at Parsonage Farm

Sunday 28 July 2024 at Thoby Wood

Wednesday 31 July 2024 at Tunnel Barn

Saturday 3 August 2024 at Bicknacre