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Ladies Match Secretary's Report

Season 2020/21

With 8 matches in the season, these matches are held at good venue’s and are very enjoyable. Sadly in recent times the number of members attending these matches has dwindled and the Committee would like to advertise these events to all Female members to attend either at the Ladies Matches or with your Partner at the Mixed Pairs Matches.

To book a place at these Matches, details of which are all shown on the 2019/2020 fixture list in your handbook, or for any queries please call Nick Mitchell on 07970 606558

Attendance to these matches would be greatly appreciated and would help save the events from cancellation.


End of Season Report

Following a slow start because of Covid 19, we had good numbers turnout for both our Ladies and Mixed Pairs matches this season and we look forward to everyone coming along to the matches next year which hopefully will be a full season again.

Anyone wishing to come along to these matches in the future, please contact Nick Mitchell for information or booking on 07970 606558


The aggregate results of the matches this season are as follows


Mixed Pairs matches


Alison & Martin                                                 71lb 0oz

Kathy & Nick                                                      43lb 12oz

Wendy & Alan                                                   22lb 4oz


Ladies Matches


Kathy                                                                    73lb 0oz

Wendy                                                                 27lb 3oz

Alison                                                                    18lb 14oz

Hicks Farm 3rd October

With the last match of the season, having had a delayed start due to Covid 19, this was the perfect venue to finish off, however sadly due to the quarantine restrictions in place and other personal matters, we were reduced to just three Ladies for this match, but we all still had fun in the torrential rain (really we did!) and the results of the day were as follows


Kathy                                                                    69lb 6oz

Wendy                                                                 18lb 3oz

Alison                                                                    12lb 7oz

Windmill Lakes 19th September

With changeable conditions, some pairs had bright sunshine, some had freezing cold wind, dependant as to which side of the lake you were.  It also seemed that which end you were had an input of the results too.  The results of the day were as follows


Alison & Martin                                                 15lb 8oz

Wendy & Alan                                                   8lb 3oz

Kathy & Nick                                                      7lb 8oz

Straits Mill 22 August 2020

We had five Ladies attending this match, which was great to see and we filled the small lake together with the Junior members. Onwards and upwards but we would still welcome more Ladies to attend these Matches.  The results of the match were as follows: 

Mel                                                                        15lb 1oz

Wendy                                                                 6lb 9oz

Alison                                                                    6lb 7oz

Kathy                                                                    3lb 8oz

Michelle                                                               3lb 1oz 

Special well done to Mel, this was her first match of the season and after coming back to the UK from Bulgaria and completing her quarantine, she wins.  Well done Mel

Mixed Pairs Parsonage Farm 8 August 20

Sadly we were reduced to two couples at this match due to holidays, anyway the Match showed very different results with these couples being at either end of the Lake and the results were as follows


Martin & Alison                                                 55lb 8oz

Kathy & Nick                                                      12lb 7oz


Dodds Farm 25th July 2020

We had two couples attending this match.  Sadly there were no large fish caught during the match however, smaller fish were caught throughout and the results were as below 

Kathy & Nick                                                      13lb 2oz

Wendy & Alan                                                   6lb 9oz

Thoby Wood 11 July 2020

Two Ladies were in attendance at this second match and we proceeded to use the far end of the Lake leaving the top end to the Junior members.  Both tried hard all day with various methods but sadly the weights were not near those caught by the Junior members.  The results were as follows 

Wendy Upson                                                     2lb 7oz

Kathy Chisnall                                                    0lb 2oz 

Shalford Road Lakes 27th June 2020

Following the Covid 19 outbreak, this was our first match and sadly due to various circumstances, we had only two pairs attending, however in controlling social distancing we were able to share the venue with the Junior members which worked well.

 The results of the day were as follows

Kathy Chisnall & Nick Mitchell                     10lb 11oz

Wendy and Alan Upson                                 7lb 8oz

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Saturday 15 May 2021 at Hicks farm

Wednesday 23 June 2021 at Thoby Wood

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Saturday 5 June 2021 at Parsonage Farm