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Junior Match Secretary's Report

 Season 2023/24


Please contact Junior Match Secretary Nick Mitchell 07970505668 to book a place in these matches. Every Junior that attends matches gets a prize.


2023/24 Championship

The combination of all of the matches of the season meant that again the end result was close again.  The end result was Jasmine Wilkinson being crowned as the 2023 Junior Champion.  Well done Jasmine.  To full results of the year are: 

Jasmine Wilkinson                           339lb 13oz

Riley Joy                                           268lb 5oz

Marley Darch                                    222lb 9oz

Hannah Dakin                                   203lb 1oz

Guy Sinclair                                       121lb 0oz

Ronnie Darch                                     13lb 12oz                           

We would also like to thank everyone who has supplied the club with many donated items which have gone towards the Junior prizes throughout the year and the end of year prizes for all and the Champion

Hicks Farm 30/9/23

The last match of the season and yet again we were not disappointed and yet again the Championship decider came down to the last match. The weather was kind and the fish biting well which meant a half time weigh in was again needed and the juniors were excited to see the match results, which are follows with photos of all those attending with their prizes

Jasmine Wilkinson                           161lb 15oz

Hannah Dakin                                    74lb 2oz

Riley Joy                                               70lb 1oz

Marley Darch                                         51lb 2oz

Guy Sinclair                                           42lb 6oz

Parsonage Farm – 9th September 2023

Back at this lovely venue for the second time this season but on what appeared to be the hottest day so far this year, everyone knew that it was going to be a hard day.  A decision was made to fish on the shady side of the Lake to help as much as possible and sadly we had a few last minute cancellations which left us with three juniors attending.  The results of the day were as follows

Jasmine Wilkinson                           15lb 5oz

Marley Darch                                    8lb 10oz

Riley Joy                                            4lb 11oz

Dodds Farm 5th August

The next match for the Juniors took place at this venue, where the catching can be ‘hit & miss’ depending on the weather, time of year or just pure luck.  Due to reduced numbers for this Match all fished on the Bottom Lake and sadly for what should have been a wonderful summer’s day, the heavens opened from start to finish with what felt like more water than was already in the lake.  The results of the day were as follows

 Jasmine Wilkinson                               6lb 10oz

Riley Joy                                               5lb 6oz

Guy Sinclair                                          3lb 15oz

Marley Darch                                         2lb 11oz

Windmill Lakes – 22nd July 2023

Our four Juniors arrived ready for a lovely day’s fishing in the bright sunshine of July, but sadly nothing could be farer from the truth.  With heavy wind from the start and then the heavy consistent rain from midday, this was not the best weather but our Junior members continued to the whistle.  The results of the day were as follows and well done to Riley for winning the Match and fishing after his double leg operations and wearing his ‘unique leg coverings’!


Riley Joy                                               6lb 10oz

Jasmine Wilkinson                                6lb 7oz

Marley Darch                                        3lb 14oz

Hannah Dakin                                       2lb 5oz



Bicknacre – 8th July 2023

We have not held a Junior Match at this venue for a number of years so the choice on how to fish this venue varied.  Yet another hot weekend and being spread throughout the lake, our Juniors fished to their own skills to work out the best way to add to their catch.  The results of the day were as follows

Jasmine Wilkinson                               34lb 8oz

Hannah Dakin                                      14lb 6oz

Riley Joy                                               6lb 1oz

Marley Darch                                        3lb 0oz


Straits Mill – 24th June 2023  


Fishing on the small lake, this venue is a little unknown as to what is going to be caught and this being the case, all of our Juniors are eager to fish to see what happens.  Blistering sunshine was a nice addition in some swims and an hinderance in others, but as usual they all fished through to the end of the Match and the results of the day were as follows

Jasmine Wilkinson                               11lb 7oz

Riley Joy                                               7lb 14oz

Guy Sinclair                                          7lb 1oz

Hannah Dakin                                       7lb 0oz

Parsonage Farm –3rd June 2023

With only a week between Junior Matches, this sadly did mean that not everyone was available to attend this Match, however those who did enjoyed the glorious weather and at this venue with no ‘Carp in this Lake’ it does make our Juniors try all sorts of methods to lure the different species of fish into their nets.  The results of the day were as follows


Jasmine Wilkinson                             23lb 0oz

Marley Darch                                     13lb 8oz

Hannah Dakin                                    12lb 0o

Southminster – 27th May 2023

Another season for our Junior members to try waters that have various fish and this venue seems to tick all of the boxes. Sadly we have hit a few clashes with holidays etc which meant that we were down to four juniors attending this match but even so they were all enthusiastic and ready for a day’s fishing.  The results of the day were as follows

Jasmine Wilkinson                                30lb 11oz

Riley Joy                                               20lb 3oz

Hannah Dakin                                       13lb 9oz

Ronnie Darch                                          5lb 6oz

Hicks Farm – 13th May 2023

First match of the 2023 season and everyone was looking forward to start fishing.  The weather was ideal and from the whistle the fish started to be caught all around the lake.  This was continuous for the first two hours so we had to call half time and weigh in and then we started again for the second two hours.  The results of the first match were quite impressive and very close and the results of the day were as follows:

Riley Joy                                            147lb 7oz

Marley Darch                                    139lb 12oz

Hannah Dakin                                    79lb 11oz

Guy Sinclair                                       67lb 10oz

Jasmine Wilkinson                             49lb 14oz

Ronnie Darch                                        8lb 6oz

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