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 Season 2020


Please contact Junior Match Secretary Nick Mitchell 07970505668 to book a place in these matches. Every Junior that attends matches gets a prize.

Straits Mill 22 August 2020

We had five Junior’s in attendance at this match and although the water was still quite weedy, the juniors cracked on with it and worked their way through and really enjoyed fishing at this wonderful venue.  A special mention to Hannah Dakin, who although being watched from afar, fished completely independently all day.  The results of the match were as follows: 

Riley Joy                                               12lb 8oz

Jasmine Wilkinson                                 8lb 1oz

Hannah Dakin                                        6lb 2oz

Marley Darch                                         5lb 5oz

Harry Moore                                           3lb 0oz

Parsonage Farm 8 August 20

The water level at this venue is sadly still quite low, however this did not stop the Junior members from getting close and personal with the lake and fishing throughout the match, We had six juniors attending and the results were as follows


Jasmine Wilkinson                           22lb 2oz               including some nice Tench

Harry Moore                                      12lb 7oz

Riley Joy                                               9lb 7oz

Hannah Dakin                                    8lb 7oz

Fraya Dakin                                         5lb 3oz

Marley Darch                                     2lb 6oz

Dodds farm 25th July 2020

Next match of the season for the Juniors and a venue which can hold some strong results but like all lakes, this can also be hard work.  We had 6 Juniors attending today and they all enjoyed the days fishing.  The results of the day were as follows 

Harry Moore                                      14lb 11oz             including 11lb 2oz Carp

Jasmine Wilkinson                             10lb 8oz               including 4lb 3oz Tench

Fraya Dakin                                         8lb 1oz

Marley Darch                                     3lb 1oz

Hannah Dakin                                    2lb 6oz

Riley Joy                                            2lb 5oz

Thoby Wood 11 July 2020

Second Match of the new season, and our Junior members were raring to go from the start and the sun was out so anything could happen.  All of the Juniors continued to fish all day and there were smiles all round by the time the whistle went for the end.  The results were as follows

 Harry Moore                                      6lb 12oz    including a 5lb 8oz Bream

Jasmine Wilkinson                           6lb 7oz      including a 4lb 6oz Bream

Leyla Mortimer                                5lb 4oz      including two nice Bream

Marley Darch                                    3lb 5oz      including 2lb 8oz Tench

Riley Joy                                           1lb 2oz

Hannah Dakin                                   1lb 2oz

Fraya Dakin                                       1lb 1oz

Shalford Road Lakes - 27th June 2020

Following the opening of our Lakes after the Closure from the Covid 19 outbreak, this was our first match for our Junior members and everyone was raring to go.

We were pleased to also welcome a new member, Marley Darch and as usual all our Juniors members enjoyed the whole day and even with the wind and rain preying on us, everyone continued to fish throughout the whole match.  The results were as follows

Hannah Dakin 5lb 5oz
Harry Moore  5lb 1oz
Jasmine Wilkinson 3lb 8oz
Riley Joy  2lb 9oz
Marley Darch 2lb 5oz

 Various Trophy photos, with Jasmine Wilkinson being Junior Champion for the 2nd year running


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