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Southminster Pit 3 closure

 Pit 3 at Southminster is closed until further notice due to poor oxygen levels a pump is being installed.

Pike Match

11 November Charity  Pike Match at Straits Mill. Bookings contact Ken Brown at or just turn up on the day and take a chance
entry £5

Barleylands Car Park very important notice

The car park gate is to be kept locked at all times particularly at weekends. Please lock the car park gate when you enter and leave the fishery, to ensure only club members have access. 

Straits Mill Closure

Work will commence on the car park on the 8th October and the venue will be closed on the 8th and 9th of October whilst the contractor brings their machinery on site and cordons off the work area.

Guest Tickets

In view of forthcoming holidays, any member who requires a guest ticket during the rest of September and the first two weeks of October should contact the Club’s members' email address at, before Tuesday 25th September. Just to remind you, they are available on our freehold waters, Southminster, Asheldham or Straits Mill, Braintree, and are priced at £10 per day, paid to the Club’s a/c 20-37-83, a/c no. 90158224, quoting the member’s name and 2018/19 card no., together with the full name of the guest. For Southminster, there is a two-day ticket (6 a.m. on day 1. to 10 p.m. on day 2.) costing £18.

Dodds Farm Access

Essex and Suffolk water have contacted the club this morning with an update to say there will be no access to Dodd's from Blackmore Road Bag lane end. We still have access to the Fishery but from the other end of Blackmore lane by the church, Diversion signs are in place.

Vacancy for a committee member

Following the sad loss of Derek Sweetlove there is now a vacancy for an Ordinary committee member. If you are interested in helping with the management of the club please email the BDAC secretary whose contact details are on page 2 of your 2018/19 club handbook.

Parking at BDAC venues

Members are reminded of Byelaw 11 "Except where indicated in the Club handbook, all cars must be parked in the official car park where one is provided and all gates to fisheries to be locked after entry and exit. Under no circumstances may cars be parked on roads adjacent to fisheries."

2018 Chairman's 24 hour Carp match

This year’s Chairman’s Carp Cup will be held at Straits Mill between midday Saturday 21st July and midday Sunday 22nd July and limited to 10 entrants. The rules are the same as in previous years with the winner being the angler with the largest weight of carp caught over the 24 hours of the competition.

The entry fee will be £5 per rod (maximum of 2 rods) with all of the entry and raffle fees going to the clubs charities. An entry form is available from Colin Short (see your 2018/19 handbook for his contact details)

Straits Mill Improvement Works

The works referred to in your newsletter to be carried out at the small lake Straits Mill are almost complete,  with 11 rebuilt swims, 4 new platforms and 2 new disabled swims.  The weed clearance is scheduled for August, when the growth is at its highest.  The lake will be closed for at least one day during the weed cutting operation. This work was carried out on application to and with financial assistance from the Angling Trust, Fishery Improvement Fund.  Other improvements to our Straits mill Fishery are in the pipe line.

Disabled Swim
Path from Car Park

BDAC Privacy Statement

In order to comply with the recently introduced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 which is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union, BDAC has published its Privacy Policy (see below).

Under the terms of GDPR, the club has been required to choose a lawful basis for holding personal data. In our case, we have chosen the basis of legitimate interests. This has a minimal privacy impact, such as contacting a member about their annual renewal.

BDAC Privacy Policy


Please read the venue rules on the gate

Handbook match venue corrections








Wed 4 July


Billericay Cup

Straits Mill



Venue Closed

Wed 26 September

22 September 


Chairman’s Cup

Private Closure

Hicks Farm

Hicks Farm



Venue Closed

 Venue Closed


 22/9/18 Replaces closure of Hicks Farm on 15/9/18

Introduction of car parking charges at Fishers Green

The non fishery managers at Lee Valley Regional Park have decided to introduce car parking charges at a number of sites across the park in order to generate additional revenue. This is partly due to local authority councillors sitting on the management board deciding to reduce the amount their authorities have to payto run the park. under the act of parliament that set up the park in the 1960s.

Charges will be made using an ANPR camera installation in the two authority car parks (Fishers Green and Hooks Marsh) but not the anglers car parks behind the anglers padlocked gate at Stubbins Hall Lane. 

Fishers Green

  1. Cameras: 1st Camera logs vehicle moment in of all, The 2ndCamera logs movement of Anglers vehicles: the 3rd Camera logs all movement of visitors to F/Green Sailing Club, therefore any vehicles not appearing on cameras 2 & 3 will be charged as they will be logged as using the main car park.
  2. Consideration is being given to a secondary/inner car park option inside the anglers gate, however this will probably need a planning application to both EFDC and Natural England, therefore will take a time to process.
  3. Unfortunately all vehicles going into the main Fishers Green Car Park (see 1) will be charged after one hour commencing 9thMarch 2018
  4. This applies anytime during any 24 hour period.


Hooks Marsh

  1. The park is currently in contact with the Corporation of London regarding the use of the Police Pit Car Park at the bottom right of Fishers Green Lane.
  2. There may be the option to explore the possibility of using a section of Chapmans Field on Left hand side going down Fishers Green Lane however this as in 2) above will require planning permission. Unfortunately  LVRP start from this point in time in regard to submission of the relevant planning applications which shall require both assistance and cooperation from others within the Authority.
  3. Finally if you wish to make submission of a complaint, this is where these should be directed: 03000 030610

Keepnet Ban

With the exception of official BDAC matches (see handbook) keepnets are banned on all fisheries until further notice, due to a KHV outbreak in Essex. Please ensure landing nets, stink bags, carp mats, weigh slings etc are dried in sunlight before bringing them to club waters.

Hicks Farm Baliffs

 Volunteer bailiffs needed, please contact Robin Driscoll 07732-695586.


Leaving gates open WILL lose Club waters, and anyone found leaving or entering fisheries without locking our gates WILL face serious disciplinary action from the Committee.


With 9 matches in the season, these matches are held at good venues and are very enjoyable, details of which will be shown on the fixture list in your 2018/19 handbook. Sadly in recent times the number of members attending these matches has dwindled and the Committee would like to advertise these events to all Female members to attend either at the Ladies Matches or with your Partner at the Mixed Pairs Matches.

To book a place at these Matches, details of which are all shown on the 2017/2018 fixture list in your handbook, or for any queries please call Nick Mitchell on 07970 606558

Attendance to these matches would be greatly appreciated and would help save the events from cancellation




Sunday 21 October 2018 at Slough House

Wednesday 24 October 2018 at Hicks Farm

Sunday 4 November 2018 at Maldon

Wednesday 7 November 2018 at Straits mill

Sunday 11 November 2018 at Hicks Farm